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For your next
Zero Waste

event . . .

Borrow me!

(for Free)


Colorful, 100% cotton napkins

Also available, 10 and 15 liter Stainless steel DRINK DISPENSER. 3-gallon GLASS drink dispenser and a selection of tableware including wine glasses, plates, BEVERAGE carafes, and more!

Community Cutlery, stainless steel forks, knives, spoons

(Service for up to 250 available)

5-gallon bucket and lid
(4 available)

Use to collect used cutlery, napkins, or food scraps for composting.

X-Frame portable recycling bin with custom-fit bags

(5 available)

Market Umbrella and stand.

(1 available)


A Wellfleet wedding table set with Community Cutlery silverware and napkins.

carafes and bottles.png
glass plates.png

FOR INFO please call the Wellfleet Public Library
508 349 0310

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